September Kamikaze Shows

September 1, George Keskeny / John Rose
2 Osvaldo Trujillo , Southern California Houses
3 BLOOM : Recent Paintings by Fumiko Amano
4 Doug Harvey , St Sebastian Soylent Rainbow Labyrinth
(Carving Up the Ruins of Abstract Painting)

5 Linda King, Collages
6 Barbara Benish , Miscellaneous: Out of the Attic
7 Michael Gomez Burton, Avarice & Accolades:
Interpellation Re-assessed ...and the chymes of other Musings

8 Danny Shain , 09/08/09
9 Fatima Hoang , ...sell my old clothes I'm off to heaven
10 Mark Lyons , Drafting and Photography
11 Echo n. Echo v. , organized by Artist Curated Projects
including: Jenn Berger, Daniel Ingroff, Billy Kheel,
Nathan McChristy, and Evan Walsh

12 She Killed Kurt , curated by Isaac Hull with Tami Demaree,
Steven Hull, April Totten and Donnie Stroud

13 Matt Wardell
'No Woman Likes Anal' and Other Lies My Mother Told Me
14 XX (To Do) Featuring: ArsFidelis
( Tim Quinn and Kathryn Hargreaves )
15 Anders Lansing , POG
16 Aggression | Acoustics | Meditation | Movements, Part I
curated by Megan Hoetger
Performances by: CoLab (Chris Baker and Nathan Bockelman),
Dawn Kasper, and Ben Shaffer

17 Cherie Benner Davis , Righty-Tighty, Loosey-Goosey
18 Daniel Aksten , Generation
19 Micol Hebron , Make-Out Session
20 Cynthia Minet , Unsustainable Creatures
21 Andrew West , The city did it.
22 Bleu, Les Malambing: An installation by
Joseph Santarromana and William Roper
23 Intrinsic, curated by Robert Kingston including:
Carlos Durazo, Randy Leifer, John McCarthy,
Peter Nagy, Pamela Taguinot, Kevin Ware

24 Alice Clements: Stillness,
25 eros/thanatos curated by tricia lawless murray:
marc adelman, stephanie allespach, victor cobo, anne colvin, catherine daly, amber fox, phyllis green, jason hanasik, evah hart, micol hebron, elise irving, zsolt kadar, Ali Kheradyar,
tricia lawless murray, leigh mccarthy, christopher picon,
nancy popp, jessica rosen, amy Sampson, david sotelo, felis stella, casey stroud and museum of viral memory,

26 Justin Moore: Exotic Big Game Hunting,
27 Michael Wodkowski and Annette Wehrhahn,
28 Portraiture and the like curated by John O'Brien:
Jordan Biren, Daniel Brodo, Mery Lynn McCorkle, John O'Brien,
Cielo Pessione, Giorgio Pessione and Charlene Roth,

29 Haven Lin-Kirk: Seeking Comfort,
30 Jim Ovelmen: Export | San Fernando Valley/Beijing, part 2.

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